How to: Make Money Online

Making money online is not as hard (or as difficult!) as people may think. I've been making a small income from doing various things on the internet for the past few years and although it's not enough to live on, it's nice to have a bit of money to treat yourself with.  I've found three easy ways to make money online & I thought I'd share them with you!

how to make easy money online fast

Don't shout at me - I know many survey sites that promise to get you quick money are scams but I've found two that definitely work and are bringing me in a bit of money each month. The first is One Pulse, an app that I've been using for almost a year now. This is simply the easiest way to get money because for each survey, you may get 15p & you only answer 3 questions. You need £5 before it can be put into your Paypal account but if your notifications are on & you're completing them regularly, you will start earning! You can use my code S27ZC when you're downloading the app.

A recent discovery of mine is Swagbucks, a site where you can do various activities to earn "swagbucks", which you can then trade in for gift cards, vouchers and money. The best thing about this is that you can get points for watching their videos - getting paid for procrastinating isn't too bad after all! You can get 150 bonus Swagbucks if you sign-up using this link.

Again, don't shout at me! There's been a big debate in some Twitter blogging chats recently about monetising your blog. My opinion is if it's not spammy & you're genuinely blogging for fun, why not make a bit of money from it? There's many different ways to monetize your blog that I could write a whole post about it but there's three main ways you could do it - Google Adsense to display ads in your sidebar; selling ads independently & using affiliate programs. My favourites are ShopSense & EtailPR.

If you have a talent, I'm sure there could be some way of making a bit of cash from it. You could be great at making handmade jewelry or just a blog expert - either way, there are ways to earn. Online stores like Etsy & eBay make selling things online easy, which can be a nice little earner. If you're more of the internet / marketing side, you could create & sell an eBook. If you're not too good at either, have a clear-out and sell your old things. I'm sure you'll find something to sell if you read my tips on Defining Personal Style!

Do you make money online? 


MAC Lovelorn Lipstick Review

The latest addition to my MAC lipstick collection is Lovelorn, it's a beautiful, natural mid-toned pink with cool undertones. It reminds me of a less-sheer sister of Creme Cup (review here) but with a lustre finish. Lustre finishes are one of my favourites as make your lips look very plump, hydrated and smooth with a slightly glossy finish. They're sheer to begin with but are buildable to give a more opaque colour.

The only thing I'm not over-awed by is the lasting power but I knew that before I bought it. Lustre finishes only last around a few hours and so reapplication is necessary, but I don't mind because it's a gorgeous colour. It also doesn't highlight dryness on the lips which is great in the late Winter when your lips aren't in tip-top condition! I would recommend this lipstick to everyone because it's so wearable and glossy. You can just throw this on if you're in a rush - no need for lip gloss or even a mirror!

I have to say, I still prefer my beloved Patisserie for an everyday lip colour but this is nice for a little something extra. What's your favourite lipstick?


5 Super Easy SEO Tips for Bloggers

I know that for some bloggers, the sight of these three little letters can send shivers down your spine. I know, because I was the same a few months ago. I dreaded searching & researching what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was because when I first began blogging, I'd seen a huge ebook on what you should be doing, which totally put me off. I then began dipping my toe into it to see what I would learn and to my surprise, it wasn't that hard. Here's five of my tips to make your blog more SEO-friendly.

This definitely is a major bugbear for me. I think the best tip to creating a great post title is to name it what you would type in Google. If it's a post on how to find a foundation that has the right coverage, undertone & formula, call it "How to: Find Your Perfect Foundation". This way, people have a higher chance of stumbling upon your content because it's titled what they're looking for.