Sunday, April 26, 2015

25 Things to Do On A Sunday

Sundays are a day for rest. A day of relaxing, doing nothing but preparing for the week ahead. Sundays are probably my favourite days of the week purely for that reason - you don't feel guilty about doing nothing but spending the day surgically attached to your laptop. If you're bored or just fancy doing something this Sunday, here's my guide to the perfect day.

01.  Catch up with your favourite blogs!
02.  Plan for the week ahead using your favourite pens.
03.  Paint your nails.
04.  Watch an episode of Pretty Little Liars. Or five.
05.  Light your favourite candle.
06.  Take your camera on a walk & snap some photos.
07.  Drink enough hot chocolates to swim in.
08.  Give your bedroom a Spring clean.
09.  Shop until your feet hurt.
10.  Buy some fresh flowers that make the house smell fresh.
11.  Bake some cupcakes.
12.  Treat yourself to a Lush bubble bath.
13.  Practice your handwriting.
14.  Creating a playlist for your week.
15.  Catch up with your YouTube subscriptions.
16.  Read a book.
17.  Spend time with your family.
18.  Try doing some yoga to relax yourself.
19.  Pamper yourself!
20.  Have a makeup-free day.
21.  Go on an adventure.
22.  Pick out some of your favourite outfits.
23.  Pin your life away.
24.  Watch some cheesy romantic films.
25.  Catch up on sleep.

What's your favourite thing to do on a Sunday?

Saturday, April 25, 2015

When it comes to makeup advice, beauty hacks or even specific product reviews, there's always many places that I look to. However, depending on subject there's a few places I check. I like to decipher them into three categories; the books, the relatives and the blogs and I use these three to help me get the information I'm looking for. Of course each has it's benefits and downfalls - for example, I doubt my mum would know different ways to pull off eyeliner but I'd never have made it to my beauty loving years if she'd taught me the importance of not over-plucking my brows.

The Best Place for Beauty Advice by a UK Beauty Blog

The first category is books and where I go to be inspired. The best I've found are magazines like Porter and Company but most magazines and papers usually have a beauty section. It's where I see post ideas, new product launches and different ways to use the products. More traditional books I've found are by the likes of Lauren Conrad and Bobbi Brown. Beauty by LC is one of what I like to call a 'beauty bible' in which Lauren herself gives some beauty advice, tips & tricks as well as stories from her beginning in makeup. Definitely a great read if beauty is your thing!

Relatives are where I check in for more traditional advice and tips. I always read about/see people older than me saying that their eyebrows were majorly over plucked when they were teens but I'm so grateful my mum told me about staying away from my brows. When I did start to play around with them, she did them herself to show me how it's done. Mums are the best! If you're up for a laugh, try reading some of the worst beauty advice I've ever heard.

The most obvious one (and the one I have the most faith in!) are the blogs. I spend about 1 hour a day solely reading blogs of all kinds but this is the best category when it comes to reviews. There's a few blogs I go to for beauty reviews, mainly including Vivianna Does MakeupMilkteef Pearls and Poodles. Emma's blog also has a really handy directory which I think is a lifesaver! When I'm looking for a product that isn't really around in the blogosphere, Google is the answer - simply type the product name with the word 'blog' on the end and you'll have all of the results!

Where's your favourite places for beauty?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Ultimate Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit
One thing I remember from starting my whole 'makeup journey' is how overwhelmed I felt every time I went to Boots. I'd have no idea where to start & the whole idea of choosing one product from hundreds quite simply terrified me. These days, I like to think of Boots as my second home - a place where my heart is, a place which makes me happy and a place of which I already own the majority of the products that they stock.

If you're a beginner in makeup, here's an Ultimate Drugstore Starter Kit!
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I can tell by my analytics that some of the people who read my blog are quite young & also receive a number of emails asking what product I would recommend for a beginner in makeup so I thought I'd put together a little Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit for you!

PRIMER :  Maybelline Baby Skin { £8 }
FOUNDATION :  Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum { £11 }
CONCEALER :  Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer { £4 }
POWDER :  Rimmel Stay Matte { £4 }
BLUSH, BRONZER & HIGHLIGHT :  Sleek Face Contour Kit { £10 }
BROWS :  Rimmel Brow This Way Kit { £3.99 }
EYESHADOW :  Maybelline Color Tattoo { £5 }
LINER :  Bourjois Intuitive Felt Tip Liner { £6.99 }
MASCARA :  Maybelline Lash Sensational { £8 }
RED LIPSTICK :  Rimmel Kate Moss 107 { £6 }
NUDE LIPSTICK :  Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy  { £7.99 }

Phew, there we go! I only included the basics for makeup application on an everyday basis but if you have any suggestions of your own, feel free to comment them below. I'm always on the lookout for more makeup! PS. You can check my reviews on these products by looking through my Product Directory. Happy shopping!

What's your ultimate drugstore makeup item?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

ashleigh and burwood seychelles candle review

There's no denying that I'm one of the biggest candle obsessors you'll ever talk to. My bedroom, living room & even kitchen combined has over 30 candles, from tea lights & votives to huge jars. I'm obsessed, so when Ashleigh & Burwood asked if I'd like to review the new Seychelles candle* from their Escapology range, I couldn't turn it down.

When it comes to scents in general - candles, perfumes, pretty much everything! - I like fresh scents. This one is right up my street when it comes to the fragrance, as it has a gorgeous smell which reminds me of a Summer holiday. The most surprising thing about this to me was the strength of the fragrance. Before I'd even burnt it I had it placed on my bedside table & after I walked out and come back in 10 minutes later, my whole bedroom smelt amazing. Another great thing is how the wick burns easily because not many things annoy me more than a candle which has wasted wax all down the side!

Overall I'm so impressed with this candle and after having a browse on their website, I've added many more to my wishlist.
* indicates PR sample. full disclaimer here.

What's your favourite candle?