Monday, 26 January 2015

Things Nobody Tells You About Having A Cat

Green Flowers

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· Privacy? That's out of the window. They'll watch you in the bath, on the toilet, and sometimes you'll find them staring at you in the middle of the night.
· The first time you let her play out will be a day you'll dread.
· Finding yourself on the #catsofinstagram Instagram hashtag will be an almost daily occurence,
· You'll talk to them more than you do your siblings, it's just how it goes.
· You'll also have a Pinterest board dedicated solely to kittens & cats.
· They'll soon grow out of picking up carpets & running up curtains, but it's frustrating when it does happen.
· You won't be able to go out shopping without bringing them something home.
· Visiting the vets also becomes a regular occurrence, especially when they decide that fighting with other cats is more important than their health.
· You won't get a holiday as you're too attached that you can't leave them!
· And Christmas trees? You'll need a baby-gate around them.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

NARS Lip Pencil Set

NARS Lip Pencil Set

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Watch out Rouge Edition Velvets, there's a new lipstick that's quickly taking the position of my favourite lipstick. I very happily recieved the NARS Lip Pencil Coffret as a Christmas present this year and it's definitely lived up to my expectations. This set of 5 matte & satin lip pencils are great for people who are starting with NARS, lip pencils or even with makeup in general as they contain such a range to create a wide variety of looks. I've also started to film my reviews sometimes as I know some people like to watch instead of read so if you'd like to watch that, head over to my channel.

The nude shades in this set are gorgeous, with my favourite from the two being Descanso. This is a gorgeous nude that's even taken over MAC's Patisserie as my most-worn nude & I'm not surprised. The longevity and the comfort of these is however super surprising as I feel like I don't need to top-up my lips every few minutes. Torres Del Paine is another gorgeous shade which is slightly more salmon toned than Descanso but is beautiful nonetheless.

Now onto the bold ones, starting with Yu. I mentioned a few weeks back that I'd found an amazing dupe for this but if you're looking for this in particular, it won't let you down! I personally don't think I suit pink lips all that much but this has slightly made me more confident in the pink-lip department. Iberico is a very orange-toned red which reminds me a lot of MAC's Morange. I haven't worn this too much but swatching it on my lips for the video made me actually really love the way it made my skin look so healthy and non-washed out. Cruella is the absolute classic deep red lip that has almost took over my MAC Russian Red as my favourite red lip. It's deep, sultry and looks gorgeous on all skin tones!

I would definitely recommend picking this litte set up whilst you can - you can try five completely different shades at a fraction of the price... What more could you ask for?

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Home Comforts


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• Being tucked up in bed by the grand old time of 8pm because you're just too wild & can't be tamed  Watching trashy TV. That's right, TOWIE, The Real Housewives & Jerseylicious - you just can't beat it!  Being able to look (and feel like) complete crap but it's totally acceptable.  Fluffy slipper socks. Need I say no more? • Feeling like you're being spied on 24/7 when your cat sits and watches you bathe. And go to the toilet.  Fairy lights & cozy blankets.  Being greeted by a purring kitten as soon as you open the door  Hot chocolate in the big soup mugs, not forgetting to add mountains of whipped cream & enough marshmellows to drown in 

What are your plans for this weekend?