Monday, July 28

An Important Message

For once I'm not too sure where to begin with this post. After the usual scroll down my Facebook feed, I came across this video from Bethany. I'd always been aware that bullying was a massive deal but it didn't really click on how important it actually was until after watching the video. I'd always felt like it was something that never affected me, therefore I shouldn't get involved and always turned a blind eye to it like many other people.

I cannot stress how wrong this is to do. It's not really until I watched the video that I felt like I knew and understood about 10% of the hurt that people who suffer with bullying really go through. As soon as I watched the video I messaged Beth to ask if I could share it on my blog as a small way of helping her get to what she wants to do with anti-bullying and of course, she said that's fine. So here we are.

Watching the video literally brought tears to my eyes and I was so shocked and devastated that I know people who have been bullied and I'd been too anxious to help. Throughout exam time, Bethany's posts on Instagram about never giving up and generally kicking-arse were literally giving me a massive push to get exams done and do them the best I could. I don't think she knows about how much she has inspired me as a person to both stay strong when things get tough and to help people that are in need of our help.

Here's the bit where I need your help - please just take a few minutes to watch Beth's video and share it on your Facebook wall in a bid to get her videos noticed by more and more people. I'm sure it'd mean the world. xxx

Sunny Weekends

It's becoming quite the tradition to introduce a post with a photo of Meenie but I just can't help it - she's just too cute. Whenever we sit out in the garden she always comes and sleeps under one of the bushes, hiding away with just her head poking out. This weekend was soooo hot in England so my mum and I bought a little mini paddling pool and spent the day dipping our toes in and moaning about how cold the water was. Typical women!

I also picked up Essie's nail polish in Fiji amongst many other things and have loved how it looks on my nails. I've also been loving this outfit that I wrote about last week - it's so comfortable! How've you spent the weekend?

Sunday, July 27

The Vintage Cupcake Kitchen

 If you're a lover of anything Cath Kidston, floral or vintage related, I think I've found a little corner of the UK that'll be right up your street. The Vintage Cupcake Kitchen in Uppermill is where I spent my weekend, oggling over the dreamy interior and not to forget, the gorgeous cupcakes and smoothies. My mum, best friend and I visited here on a whim as we were wondering around the area looking for the perfect picnic place. Whilst driving past, typical me shouted, "Oh my God, mum we have to go there!".

It was so hot that I decided on having a mango & passion fruit smoothie to cool me down, as well as an Oreo cupcake... Trust me, if there's cupcakes on offer I can't decline. The whole ethos of this place is just beautiful. The staff are lovely, the area is beautiful and let's not forget, the food is to die for. The little picket fence and the floral bunting make it the typical village bakery. I could easily sit there all day and watch the world go by! It's definitely worth a visit if you're passing.