Saturday, May 23, 2015

Is A Custom Blog Domain Really Necessary?

One thing that I've seen people question time & time again is the question of "is a custom domain really necessary?". I'll be the first to admit that I only used the URL for a short amount of time before I transferred to a custom .com domain, even without knowing the full benefits. If you are in the same boat I was a few years back or even just contemplating the idea, here's my thoughts.

IT GAINS TRUST  Personally, I'm more likely to click through a link that has a custom domain than a regular one as it gains more trust. Custom domains usually demonstrate a level of serious-ness, which then gains the trust of your audience.

IT LOOKS PROFESSIONAL  As I mentioned in the point above, custom domains demonstrate a level of serious-ness. If you're looking to use your blog as a serious career path or just a serious hobby then I'd say it's definitely worth the leap.

IT'S EASIER FOR YOUR READERS  In a non-offensive way, readers are selfish. People will only click on your links if you're giving them something nobody else has, whether that be new tips or just your writing style. Changing your URL to something shorter and snappier will appeal to their lazy side!

IT COSTS  This is more of a minor disadvantage but still one I wanted to include. Depending on what kind of domain you're looking for, prices can range from £4 to £500+ per year. You can check the different prices for your own custom domain using GoDaddy's domain search.

IT CAN BE HARD TO SET UP  2 years ago when I set up my .com domain, I had a nightmare installing it as I had very little knowledge of how the behind-the-scenes of a website worked. Now I know a little bit more it's not too difficult, but you could always pay somebody to install it for you.

Overall I'd definitely recommend taking the leap into a custom domain if you're serious about your blog. Although it can be pricey and difficult to set up, you'll soon start to reap in the benefits!

Do you have a custom domain? Do you think it's necessary?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The truth is, I'm just as big a lover of jewelry as I am everything else beauty-related, so when Jewel Street asked if I'd like to try a piece from the range by Astrid & Miyu, I couldn't turn it down. I chose this Wishbone Necklace* because I love the whole design & concept of the wishbone. Plus, it's meant to bring good luck. We could all use a little bit more luck now & then I think!

Overall I'm extremely happy with this and one of the things I love most about it is that the actual wishbone can be taken off and added onto different chains. Personally, the chain on this was too long for me but I swapped it for another chain and I much prefer it. I've had this for around 3 weeks, worn it everyday and it holds no damage so far. Usually with necklaces similar to this, the silver can show signs of wear but it looks just as good as new.

* indicates PR sample
What's your favourite necklace?

Sunday, May 17, 2015

If you've been checking in back on the blog over the past week (which let's face it, you probably haven't), you may have noticed that I've been absent with no new posts being published. Since starting my 'internet detox' last week, I've taken a step back from all internet forms and to be truthful, it's felt good.

I felt like I became stuck in a rut with my blog, churning out the same content day after day. When my scheduled posts had ran out and I had nothing left in my bank of posts, I did the opposite of what I'd usually do and not stress about it. I gave myself a whole week to do nothing that involved anything mega internet-related and not to stress about things and I've come back feeling much more refreshed. Here's a couple of things I learnt during my mini-break:

-  Relaxing is fun.
-  As much as I love blogging, family is more important.
-  Blogging is a hobby, not a chore.
-  The world will go on, even if you don't schedule anything!
-  I'm a quick reader, to the point where I read 4 books in a matter of days.
-  There are more important things than Instagramming your breakfast.

What do you do when you switch the internet off?

Saturday, May 16, 2015

MeMeMe Cosmetics Lip Glide and Eye Wand Review & Swatches

MeMeMe Cosmetics Lip Glide and Eye Wand Review & Swatches
MeMeMe Cosmetics is a relatively new brand to me, but I've been seeing more & more people fall in love with their products over the past few months. I've been trying out their Lip Glide in Deep Scarlet* and their new Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Eye Wand in Burnt Amber*, which launches in June.

The product which I was most excited about was the Dual Ended Eye Wand, which is yet to officially launch. The shade I have, Burnt Amber, has both a gorgeous champage-pink which reminds me a lot of Urban Decay's Sin, and a coppery amber shade that looks like MAC's Woodwinked. If you have both of these shades I'd still recommend picking this up because although the shades are very similar, the creamy consistency and the pigmentation of these make them a dream to work with.

I love wearing this as a duo as the shades really compliment each other. For a day-time appropriate look I use the pinky shade all over my lid & smudge a little of the brown shade into my lash line for some extra definition. As a night-time makeup look, I do the same yet add some more brown into my crease and outer V. If you're in a rush or going straight from work to a special occasion, this would do perfectly!

The Lip Glide in Deep Scarlet* is another gorgeous product but I have to say, I don't think it's on par with the Enchanted Eye product. It's a semi-matte deep red crayon and although I own a lot of products similar to this, I just don't find it as good quality as my others. The shade of it however is stunning - a gorgeous deep red with a slight berry tone that looks super flattering, I just find the formula too drying to compare with some others I own.
* indicates PR sample
Have you tried any products from MeMeMe Cosmetics?