Tuesday, August 19

Taking A Break

Weekend Reading

So today's post is a different one & one that I'd usually publish on my lifestyle blog, but I wanted to let you know that I'm taking a break from this blog. Don't worry, it's not for long - maybe just over a week but I'll still be publishing on my other one.

This little space has been mine for the past 2 years and over that time, I've put so much pressure on myself - so much so that it becomes too much and I struggle to sit down and write. I still love makeup and want to do it as a career but I'm hoping that a little break will be just what I need to pick up my blogging mojo and be back with brand new posts.

I tweeted a few days back saying that it’s so difficult for me to love both my YouTube channel and my blog at the same time. Now that She & Bean is up and running, it’s the same. It’s hard for me to love the lifestyle blog and this one the same amount at the same time. I go through phases of being “I want to publish so much on this blog and I have so many ideas” to “I’m really not feeling this – I prefer to write on my other one”.

I'm also going to Cornwall with my family for the week, meaning I want a break with no internet and blog-thinking. I'll be photographing & writing about my trip when I get back on She & Bean, but I can't bring myself to get this blog done with scheduled posts whilst I'm away. I'm a huge believer that forced posts are noticeable ones and I only want to publish my best stuff - I won't bombard you with posts that my heart is not in.

I hope you all have a lovely end-of-Summer and I'll leave you with a few links to some of my favourite posts.

Monday, August 18

Contouring & Highlighting


In my all-in-all experience with makeup, I've definitely found contouring the most difficult skill to master. Give me foundation, lipstick or even winged liner and I'll feel confident, but as soon as it comes to sculpting out some cheekbones then I'm useless. The highlighting section that comes along with it makes me feel a little better at the whole situation - I'm comfortable with giving my skin some glow. It's the depth I struggle with!

For my (attempted) contour I like to a dark Illamasqua Concealer. I actually bought this a few months ago but ended up buying the complete wrong shade that happens to make a great contour shade. I find that cream products are much easier to contour with because they're easy to blend and look much more natural. I apply this to my temples, beneath my cheekbones and across my jawline then blend it in with my foundation brush.

To highlight under my eyes I use a concealer that's lighter than my skin tone. For this I use the Collection concealer (the name is too long than I can be bothered to type out!) in the lightest shade. I then usually take the MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle on the top of my cheekbones, down my nose and on my forehead. Doing all of these steps usually gets me a nice, natural, sculpted face; but as with everything in makeup, practice makes perfect!

Saturday, August 16

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

Bourjois 1

Hold the press - I think I've found the most perfect lip product formula ever. I know, I know - it's a very dramatic claim but I genuinely think it's true. I'm seriously yet to find anything better than these. You'll have heard me rave about them to no end on my YouTube channel but if you're new round here (or haven't been watching my videos) I'm talking about the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet liquid lipsticks.

You'll know by now that I'm a matte lipstick kinda girl so it's usually hard to wear liquid lipsticks. Fellow bold matte lipstick lover Anna mentioned these a few months ago and I went straight out to pick them up. My favourite out of the two is Hot Pepper, an orangey-red opaque colour. I find that this one suits my complexion much more yet the formulas of both are impeccable. Ole Flamingo! is a hot pink, a shade that I never thought I could be able to pull off until I tried this.

These are opaque with one swipe, easy to apply and incredibly long-wearing. I wore Hot Pepper out for dinner and after I'd eaten a whole BBQ smothered chicken, it was still as opaque as ever. The downside to these? They're a pain in the ass to remove. Seriously, finding a needle in a haystack would be easier than taking these off.